Confitex Technology - Private Label
Confitex Technology - Private Label


To transform the lives of millions and reduce the Earth’s landfill by creating the ultimate reusable hygiene products and partnering with major retailers to get them in the hands of consumers.


To lead the market into a new era of green hygiene products that combine better environmental outcomes with better performance and better margins.

Confitex’s next-generation green technology (available to private label clients in 2024/25) delivers the best combination of slimline gusset profile, leakproof performance and sustainability profile on the market. Extensive lab testing demonstrates that its working absorbency outperforms other absorbent underwear brands as well as comparable single-use period pads. Our patented reusable technology delivers many design advantages, including superior absorbency from a thinner gusset, liquid retention even under bodyweight pressure and superior leakproofing. Unlike many brands, our products are both machine washable and dryer safe for the convenience of your customers.

The reusable absorbents category is experiencing exponential growth, driven initially by period underwear but now including incontinence and maternity apparel, perspiration-proof sportswear, nursing pads and absorbent sanitary and incontinence pads. Our world-leading absorbent technology can be applied to all these consumer products, and with our deep understanding of the hygiene market, built up during more than a decade of selling our own ecommerce brands, we have the expertise to help you customize a best-selling range to suit your target market.

In the unregulated market for reusable products, some manufacturers have overpromised and under-delivered, creating risk for the retailer. Confitex is committed to building transparency and trust in the sector, so we have invested in independent verification of the marketing claims we offer our private label clients. International safety and standards laboratory Intertek has subjected our next-generation private label products to stringent testing and verified their performance across a range of key measures. This is not a category in which you want to deliver an inferior product and jeopardize the trust of your customers.

Confitex has been the tech leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable absorbent hygiene products since 2013. We own and manage our own factory with no third-party associates, allowing us to control every aspect of production and ensure sustainable, ethical and socially responsible practices and superior safety and audit standards. Our in-house laboratory ensures excellent quality assurance to global standards.

As the leading innovator in the field, we are committed to protecting our intellectual property and have more than 30 filed and 12 granted patents in key markets, guaranteeing our private label partners freedom to operate.

Our patented automated manufacturing processes have revolutionized the production of absorbent apparel, substantially reducing manual labor and manufacturing waste and delivering consistent quality assurance, high production capacity, ESG benefits and excellent margins to our private label clients.

Confitex Technology leads the field in reusable absorbent hygiene products, with category-leading innovations and a focus on superior, verified performance. We have a proven track record in manufacturing and marketing reusable absorbent hygiene products and offer our private label clients exceptional market insights and client service. Contact us today on to find out more.


If you’re considering adding green reusable absorbent hygiene products to your private label portfolio talk to the tech leader, Confitex at

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