The heavy truth about light bladder leakage

The heavy truth about light bladder leakage

Sneezing. Lifting. Running. Laughing. Stretching. Do any of those words give you, or someone you know, a touch of anxiety that you might accidentally wee a little?

For many people, the onset of


brings with it symptoms that are not dissimilar to depression.

You might lose interest in activities you once enjoyed. You might become anxious in social situations. You might stop playing sport, keeping fit, running around with the kids or having sex. You might feel like you’ve somehow failed as a human being.

Because of these emotions and changes, light bladder leakage can affect more than just the individual. If someone you know experiences light bladder leakage, it can make going out for dinner, going to the movies or hanging out with friends a stressful scenario. They may become irritable if their leakage is affecting their sleep. They may seem distant and disinterested, when in truth, not only are they uncertain as to how to talk about this topic – in their heads, they are totally consumed by it.

Incontinence is more common than most people think. But with one in five men and one in three women likely to experience light bladder leakage in their lifetime, why do so many of us feel we have to restrict our lifestyles and suffer in silence?

At Confitex, as we learned more about the topic of light bladder leakage, we decided that something just didn’t add up. We got kind of mad about it. And that’s why we decided to do what we do – help people reclaim their identity, restore their confidence and rediscover their independence.

We’ve designed our

absorbent underwear

to be stylish, comfortable and practically indistinguishable from your ordinary underwear (we even designed some to be sexy). They’re normal fabric undies with the secret bonus of a panel of our unique high-tech

absorbent and leakproof textile

(you can read more about this technology here.

We know that they change lives, because you tell us so – and many of you are kind enough to want to share your stories to stop others from feeling so isolated. Read some real-life stories by men here and by women here.  

NB – If you’re experiencing symptoms similar to depression, whether it be due to light bladder leakage or otherwise, we recommend talking with your doctor or a registered counselor.

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