What’s so special about Confitex’s absorbent textile?

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What’s so special about Confitex’s absorbent textile?

At Confitex, our goal is a world where nobody needs to live in fear of life’s little leaks.

By marrying our high-performance absorbent textile technology with stylish, discreet design, we’re offering a

sustainable alternative to single-use products and changing the way bladder leakage, menstruation and breastfeeding are managed.


After years of extensive research and development, coupled with international consumer and laboratory testing, we’re proud to reveal our superior second-generation absorbent and waterproof textile. It’s built into our Just’nCase range of

absorbent period-proof and pee-proof underwear and nursing pads for women, as well as a range of male incontinence underwear

under the Confitex for Men label.

So how does our textile work?
There’s a lot going on inside the multi-layered construction of our absorbent and leakproof textile:

- Closest to your skin is a soft, fast-wicking inner warp layer of hypoallergenic fabric, designed to quickly draw moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and hygienic all day long.

- In our Extra Absorbency products, it’s backed up by an innovative second warp layer, to provide ultra-quick absorption for larger leaks.

- At the heart of our revolutionary textile is a moisture-retaining inner layer, which soaks up liquid and holds it tight, even under pressure (for example when you sit down).

- Sealing the deal is our unique breathable leakproof layer. It’s totally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected leaks, but at the same time it’s soft and flexible, so you don’t have to worry about scrunching or those giveaway rustling noises.

What’s so innovative about our textile?
We are committed to an ongoing international patent programme to protect the unique attributes of our textile technology. Our patents include:

- Our leakproof outer layer, which we can mould, shape, stitch and seal at high temperatures.

- Our unique moisture-retaining layer, which absorbs high levels of liquid and holds it, even under body weight pressure.

- Our GravityDri™ pocket, a fully sealed and contained pocket at the base of the pad to eliminate gravitational leakage.

How do we know our products work?
To provide consumers with transparency and guidance in a largely unregulated industry characterised by unsubstantiated absorbency claims, we commissioned leading international standards agency UL Laboratories to subject our new ranges from Confitex for Men and Just’nCase to stringent testing. We're delighted to say they passed with flying colors, verified across a range of measures including absorbency capacity, durability, odor control, breathability and absence of potentially harmful PFOA and PFOS chemicals. In the interests of transparency, we’ve published the results here.

As well as that, we know they work because we’ve trialled them ourselves! They’ve kept us dry through countless heavy periods and both genuine and simulated incontinence episodes. We’ve co-opted our partners, neighbors, parents and friends-of-friends into endless fittings, then conducted extensive consumer trials and listened to user feedback in refining our designs.

We’re driven by a desire to transform lives and help protect the planet by creating the best looking and best performing reusable absorbent and leakproof consumer products on the market. Thanks for coming on that journey with us.

PS We’re continually looking for ways to get even better, and would love to hear your experiences and suggestions – please drop us a line at info@confitex.com

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