Real-life read: Dealing with drips and dribbles

Real-life read: Dealing with drips and dribbles

About one man out of five experiences some degree of

urinary leakage

in his lifetime, and many find it worsens as they get older. For many, it’s just a few drips or dribbles, but enough to create a nagging worry that they might leak through their pants or smell of urine. Arun didn’t realise how much it was bothering him until he felt the relief of finding a solution. He shares his story:

“The reality is that after you hit 50 you realise your bodys not what it was. I don’t have any real health issues and I try to make it to the gym regularly, but things are definitely changing.  

I have to say, no guy ever talks about it. It’s a private thing. There are times during the day, at the gym or maybe at work sitting at my desk, that I notice an

involuntary release of urine

. It’s not much but you don’t want that happening. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I don’t feel like it’s a medical condition that I need to get help for.  

I was given the Confitex Everyday undies as part of a trial from a friend of a friend. They wanted normal guys to test them.  

They are just like the trunks that I usually wear – maybe not quite as fashionable as, say, Calvin Kleins, but very good quality, soft, light and very comfortable. Being picky you notice that the front has a slightly bigger pouch, but actuallyI like that you get a bit more support down there, which feels good.  

At the beginning I felt a bit self-conscious wearing them I mean, who pees in their pants? But I have come to really like them and now I always go for the Confitex when I go to the gym.  

They look a bit techie on the inside and are just a dark grey with no branding – so my wife actually has no idea, which is good because she does our washing. And they can also go in the dryer, so again, she has no idea.  

When my friend’s friend approached me again and asked if Id trial some more styles for comfort, I naturally said yes. So that gave me a few pairs as a start, and I notice these are now the undies I reach for each morning. I’ve noticed that I feel more psychologically secure when I wear them – that I’m covered against any mishap, it is mentally freeing. 

Leakproof undies are not the sort of thing I would’ve thought about ferreting out and buying for myself – not in a million years – but now I’ve tried them Im sold. Also, being online, they’re something you can buy privately and no one is ever going to know. So yes, I can absolutely recommend them. 

We would like to thank Arun (not his real name) for sharing his story with us.

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