Bin single-use plastic and paper products forever!

Bin single-use plastic and paper products forever!

Reaching for yet another pack of single-use paper pads, liners or shields brings with it a mixed bag of emotions, including frustration with the inconvenience they cause and anxiety about potential visible leaks. The last thing you need on top of that is guilt about their impact on our environment.  

Whether they make it to landfill or, even worse, end up in our oceans, ‘disposable’ pads containing plastic lining and chemical absorbents can take as long as 500 years to decompose – which means they’re not really ‘disposable’ at all.

Luckily a revolution in the world of absorbent textiles means there are now options for men and women looking for a sustainable way to manage life’s little leaks.

“Make the change from single-use paper and plastic absorbents today and help save the world in your underwear. ”


absorbent and leakproof fabric underwear

for men and women and our

reusable nursing pads

for new mums can be put straight in the washing machine and dryer just like normal clothing, offering a discreet, convenient and eco-friendly alternative to plastic-lined pads.  

Our products have been laboratory tested to last at least 52 machine wash cycles. That means every pair you buy will prevent at least 52 single-use products from reaching landfill – or even more if you usually use more than one pad in a day. And when they eventually do wear out, the fact that they contain no PU plastics means they’ll decompose naturally, making them a more eco-friendly option all around.

Make the change from single-use plastic-lined absorbents to

washable, reusable

options today and help us pave the way to a more sustainable future.

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